Tonsil Stones Treatment

Causes of Tonsil Stones

Causes of Tonsil Stones

Tonsils? You have experienced disease of tonsils? I am at the age of six years had inflamed tonsils. So not tasty at all when the disease attacked us. To eat is also difficult because my tonsils were swollen. I still remember my mother forbade to eat-food packaging and food consumption should not be cold. It's torture, I see friends who eat these foods so make me to taste it. But I was obedient to my mother, when she said that food consumption should not automatically I will not eat it.

It is a short story by the time my kids. I will give you a bit of the article is simple and easy to understand. That is the cause of the swelling of the tonsils.

Factors causing tonsillitis.
There are many viruses that can cause inflammation of the tonsils. The most common is the Epstein-Barr virus and coxsackie viruses. Group streptococci were the most common causes of tonsillitis.

Factors that cause tonsillitis are as follows :
1. Vitamin C deficiency
Vitamin C is a vitamin that is essential for our body. At least one day the body needs 500mg of vitamin c. And can be balanced with vitamins and other nutrients. To get vitamin C, you can consume fruits that contain lots of vitamins such as oranges.

2. Dietary factors.
Foods that contain preservatives, chemical dyes, artificial sweeteners is one factor causes. These foods include ice cream, candy and others.

3. Water
For those of you who rarely drink water you should think back to try to drink water. Water is very easy to get, even though no taste you must consume eight glasses per day. The characteristics of your lack of drinking water is the color of your urine will be yellow. Good color urine is clear or white.

4. Spicy foods
For those of you who like spicy food, again it is one of the factors causing tonsillitis. You should avoid spicy foods, switch the habit by reducing the food for the health of your tonsils.

5. Hygiene before eating
The cause of the tonsils that can occur caused by bacteria and viruses that enter through the mouth and nose is also known that the tonsils have a function to protect the oral cavity from bacterial and viral contamination. In addition, the tonsils are also useful for keeping the immune system produces antibodies that can be very good for your health and prevent the occurrence of infections associated with white blood cells and leukocytes. It's good before you eat, wash your hands first with water flowing.

Similarly, a brief article about the causes of the tonsils. I suggest you to maintain hygiene, eating nutritious foods, avoid eating certain foods and drinking enough water. Hopefully this article useful to you.
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